2013 Winners

Gold Division Champs

2013 Gold Division Champs - HydraHeads

Gold Division 2nd Place

2013 Gold Division 2nd Place - River City Dragons
River City Dragons

Gold Division 3rd Place

2013 Gold Division 3rd Place - Pine Tree Paddlers
Pine Tree Paddlers

Silver Division Champs

2013 Silver Division Champs - Deep Diggers
Deep Diggers

Bronze Division Champs

2013 Bronze Division Champs - Dragon Flies
Dragon Flies

Dondleinger GM Sprint Cup

2013 Dondleinger GM Sprint Cup - River City Dragons
River City Dragons

Education Cup

2013 Education Cup - Beaver Fever
Beaver Fever

Family Cup

2013 Family Cup - 1212 Crew
1212 Crew

Manufacturer’s Cup

2013 Manufacturer’s Cup - Maximum Rowtation
Maximum Rowtation

Health Cup

2013 Health Cup - Oar We There Yet
Oar We There Yet

Contractor’s Cup

2013 Contractor’s Cup - Pine Tree Paddlers
Pine Tree Paddlers

Best Team Name

2013 Best Team Name - Ova Achievers
Ova Achievers

Best Team Village

2013 Best Team Village - Sanford Health Super Heroes
Sanford Health Super Heroes

Best Team Look

2013 Best Team Look - The Scourge
The Scourge

Exclusive multi-festival discount offer!


The Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival and the Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival have teamed up to offer a $200 discount to teams that participate in both races this year. Once a team has registered for both festivals, a $100 discount will be applied to each registration.

Aug 22 – 23

Barker’s Island, Superior, WI

2013 Lake Bemidji Dragon Boat Festival Canoe Raffle

Congratulations to Jim Sparke of Baraboo, Wisconsin, the winner of the Old Town Canoe. A big thank you to Old Town Canoe & Kayak for the wonderful donation, we raised over $1,800 with the raffle all the proceeds go to the festival.

Friday, April 18th, 2014 3:03 AM